I struggle at times with maintaining a positive attitude with everything “life” seems to throw at us.  I know that many of us are so busy trying to maintain our businesses, and etc., that we tend to lose sight of “what we’re doing.”   What a great reminder for us.

Here is an old story that describes the power of attitude.

Once there were three stonecutters engaged in the building of a cathedral in medieval times. A man came up to the first stonecutter , in the exhausting midday heat of a dying  Italian summer, and asked him what he was doing. The stonecutter barely look up. ”As you can see,” he said, bitterly, ”I am cutting stones.” The man waited  a while . Then he went up to the second stonecutter and asked him the same question. This stonecutter didn’t hesitate. ”I’m  providing a living for my family,” he replied. Some time later, the man went up to the third stonecutter , Again he asked the question , ”What are you doing ?” This stonecutter put down his tools , looked up at the man asking him the question , wiped his brow and smiled. ”I am building a great cathedral.”